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The Medical Ethical Committee for Human Subjects at the University Medical Center Utrecht approved the study.

Magnetic resonance T1- and T2-weighted images were acquired on a Philips NT scanner operating at 1.5 T in all subjects.

However, we hypothesize that, in addition, circulating sex hormones in adulthood are required for the maintenance of sex differences in the human brain.

This sense is so pronounced and persistent that transsexuals seek treatment to, as far as medically possible, physically change their bodies from male into female or .: Magnetic resonance brain images were made prior to, and during, cross-sex hormone treatment to study the influence of anti-androgen estrogen treatment on brain morphology in eight young adult male-to-female transsexual human subjects and of androgen treatment in six female-to-male transsexuals.: Compared with controls, anti-androgen estrogen treatment decreased brain volumes of male-to-female subjects towards female proportions, while androgen treatment in female-to-male subjects increased total brain and hypothalamus volumes towards male proportions.The diagnosis of gender identity disorder was made according to the structured clinical interview for DSM-IV axis-I disorders (11).Patients participated in the study after it was decided that they were eligible for hormone treatment.

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