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“For example, it’s hard being a Republican in the LA area — it’s not an easy thing.” Trump members pay .95 a month to use the service.Fox and series creator Nigel Lythgoe have each independently confirmed that the weekly results show, a staple of the series in seasons 2-8, has been cut from the show format and that only one episode will air each week for the show's ninth season.These above changes all proved to be in place once the season's performance shows began airing but were also accompanied by a number of other format tweaks.These additional changes most notably include the fact that the season will crown two winners (one male and one female) and that voting for individual dancers (as opposed to couples) began with the first week of the Top 20 competition with 1-855-GO-HIM## for the guys and 1-855-GO-HER## for the girls as opposed to halfway through the performance show phase, as in previous seasons.With cuts made following each round of choreography, thirty-five dancers remained at the close of the week, prior to the selection of the Top 20.* Only participated on the judge's panel on the round they choreographed.Read more: Could hackers wreak havoc from the White House through Trump’s Twitter?The site, which aims to “make dating great again,” was set up by Goss, a Republican, when he saw the bitterness that accompanied last year’s presidential election.

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Voting will be based on the individual contestants from the start, rather than from Top 10 on.Unlike previous seasons, each week's Bottom 6 / Bottom 4 dancers are determined by the previous week's voting.The judge's panel still chooses which of these bottom dancers will be eliminated each week until the Top Ten.This contrasts with the season one format where judges would nominate a bottom three couples and home viewers would vote out two dancers, the results being pre-taped and shown at the beginning of the next week's episode.Lythgoe also hinted at which elements of the results show were likely to be carried over into the new format, suggesting the group and guest dance routines would be shown priority over guest musical acts.

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