Dating someone with a broken heart Multi sexchat

Make a way that your love and your power can mend and soften his heart.You said ask and receive and I believe you more than anything else. I pray to you Nicolas Rubas for his heart and soul and to enlighten his mind that we can change everything and have a new happy start again. I am praying to bring my girlfriend and I back together.We both hurt each other and his actions are probably weighing real heavy on his mind.As the consequences of my actions and Angry words are heavy on my mine.I pray that you will touch his heart and wipe away all his pride and beliefs that were put into his mind by others.We shared such closeness and love for so many years, that I will not give up.My love for him was unconditional, I always stood by through thick and thin. I believe it was his fear of committment to walk out the door, he told me that he has "lost faith in me".

Lord , bring him back to me once and for all and let us both live in peace and harmony together till we both grow old. I really need her in my life again I not live with out her dear God I love her so much more then my life I'll do everything for her happiness but God you plzzzzz refresh her heart for my love .... I am broken now because my partner wants to leave me.Lord, soften his stubborness and his pride, surround him with those who offer loving advice and dear Lord, reunite us.Give us a chance to continue on the journey that we started. Hear and answer prayers of those who cry to you because they find themselves in the same situations.Please Lord, move your way, fill his heart with love and make him remember the first day we met and his daughter.Jesus, please mend our broken heart and ease away the pain in our hearts.

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