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Lets say for example I had a development environment on This would allow me to go to domain.com/testing if I needed to.If you are using IP/~userna5 then you do not need to use a host file mod as it is only to trick your computer into thinking the domain has already resolved to another server.123.456.789.012 When i have added this to my host file browser redirected me to inmotion servers and i am able to access the wesite.but when i accessed example.com/wp-admin it is taking me back to old server.The host file needs format: ‘IPaddress domain’ not ‘IP/somefolder/ domain’.I do not see how it is going to work for users when their hosting is at something like at IP/~cpanelusername/.

Inmotion rep stated to save the new hosts file as txt, but all other file in Hosts folder display "file." When I save the changed hosts file do I save as or file?

All instructions above and video example IP without a folder only.

Hello Manly Electronics, You do not need to add a folder to the host file.

Kindest Regards, Scott MI have modified my hosts file. As a test, I recommend also performing a Traceroute.

When I ping on my local computer it returns the correct IP address on the shared computer. This provides specific information into the path you are taking to get to

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